Welcome to Boca Grande Happenings!

This Boca Grande Community Calendar is a collaborative effort of the island’s nonprofit organizations and is hosted by the Friends of Boca Grande.  The purpose of the calendar is to showcase events and activities of island nonprofit groups and clubs that rely upon the financial and volunteer support of the general public.

Nonprofit Sponsors

Barrier Island Parks Society
Boca Grande Art Alliance
Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce
Boca Grande Child Care Center
Boca Grande Health Clinic
Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation
Boca Grande Historical Society
Friends of Boca Grande
Gasparilla Island Conservation Improvement Association
Johann Fust Library Foundation
Lee County Parks & Recreation Department
Royal Palm Players
The Island School

To Submit an Event

To submit an event, go to www.bocagrandehappenings.org and click on the submit event button located on the left-hand side of the screen just below the category navigation bar.  The instructions are self-explanatory.  The Friends of Boca Grande is the administrator for the site.  If you need assistance or need to change your event once it has been submitted, contact the Friends at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Friends of Boca Grande will review all calendar entries and reserves the right to modify calendar submission in order to adhere to the guidelines established by BocaGrandeHappenings.org.  Calendar entries that do not meet the guidelines below will not be included on the site.

Calendar Guidelines

  • The Boca Grande Happenings calendar will showcase activities or events occurring on Gasparilla Island that are open to the general public (including events that require the purchase of a ticket or have a fee associated with the activity) that are sponsored and/or affiliated with a nonprofit island organization
  • Any meetings or club activities where the public is invited to attend
  • Any fundraising event that benefits a nonprofit organization that is open to the public
  • Any special activity or event sponsored by one of the local churches (or group associated with the church) such as The Blessing of the Animals, The Strawberry Festival, the Stations of the Cross, Methodist Church Pancake Breakfast, Easter Sunrise Service, Vacation Bible School, etc.

What won’t be included on the calendar?

  • Events or activities that are by invitation only or only open to members
  • Events that are purely commercial in nature (sales of merchandise, etc.) that do not support a nonprofit organization
  • Meetings that are closed to the public
  • Regularly-scheduled religious services




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